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Country:  PakistanFile:Pakistan (orthographic projection).svg

City: Karachi & Sinjhoro

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude 24 51 N
Longitude 67 02 E

Background Information
The Operation Boost program in Pakistan will be a close cooperation with the House of Hope, Umeed Goth Welfare Association. Karachi, Pakistan.

The House of Hope was founded in 1982 by Brother Norman Wray. Right now Brother Norman is 90 years old and still living in Karachi, Pakistan. He came to Karachi from Guatemala after having short stints in Sri Lanka and India. In 1962 he finally arrived in Pakistan as a teacher and has remained ever since.

Over subsequent 40 years he increasingly became involved in various youth activities and associated issues. Initially when he came to Karachi he was the principal of St.Patrick’s TechnicalSchool for 18 years where he came in contact with various types of drug users who lived in de vicinity of the school. Those days Mandrax, Alcohol, Canabis etc. where common. Eventually in the mid- 1980’s came the queen of all drugs Heroine which caused havoc in the society and the country. Then the people started getting concerned about the problem of drug addiction among the youth of Karachi.

This is how the first Drug Rehabilitation Centre, the House of Hope, was established in in 1982 by Brother Norman Wray in Sinjhoro district Sanghar. This centre under his able direction was soon recognized as providing much needed service tot addicts and their families. The initial group of (8) addicts flourished to the present total of 300 in the centre right now.

The organizations target group continues to be poor and the down trodden addicts, but people from all socio- economic backgrounds also come for treatment and rehabilitation, from all over Pakistan. Those who come to House of Hope pay according to their family means. As a result many of those who come for help pay little or nothing.

The Operation Boost Program will help the rehabilitated addicts to find a decent way back to the society as an independent entrepreneur in the ECO business.

Impact Operation Boost 

1. Status Job Creation
2012: The plot for building a workshop / trainingcentre is available.
2013: Almost ready with building the workshop / trainingcentre in Sinjhoro.
2014: Workshops are ready. We are preparing two ideas for possible Social Franchise initiatives in the workshops:
A. Making Recycled Plastic Pavementbricks & Roof Tiles
Link: Roadmap.Pavement.Bricks
B. Making Waste Fuel Briquettes & related wooden / steel press.
Link: Roadmap.Fuel.Briquettes
ink: Construction Manual Press & Briquettes

2. Status Plastic Recycling:
2013: Orientation Phase

3. Status Eco Transporting:
2012: Prototype Multi Purpose Bike is local developed.

4. Status Green Innovation:
2014: Orientation Phase Building Round Holiday House (park). Choise between building with traditional bricks, bottles or earth bags.

33 Foot  Round House (Bottle House - Earthbag House or Normal Brick House)
33 Foot Round House (Bottle House – Earthbag House or Normal Brick House)

Example of building with bottles look to Youtube film:


5. Adventure & Awareness
Under construction

Ask for more information Operation Boost Franchise Partner(s): Pakistan

– Mr. Derrick Dean
House of Hope Pakistan, Karachi & Sinjhoro
– Member Board of Governors House of Hope foundation Pakistan
– E-mail:



2013: Building Workshop – Training Centre House of Hope Umeed Goth Welfare Association Karachi & Sinjhoro, Pakistan.

More information

Workshop Operation Boost Pakistan,Sinjhoro (House of Hope)
Workshop Operation Boost Pakistan,Sinjhoro (House of Hope)

Photo: Building Workshop Rehabilitation Centre House of Hope in Sinjhoro, Pakistan 2013