Introduction Viscolloids

Mr. Gulzar Shah Mashwani, Owner-Director Viscolloids
Mr. Gulzar Shah Mashwani, Owner-Director Viscolloids

Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd has set up a plant to manufacture Refined Guar Split, Guar Powder.

Further Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Ltd is the Pioneer in Production of guar gum based Additive,  Thickener, Viscosifier, Emulsifier & Binding Agent for  food, beverages  and bakery products,   Thickener & Emulsifier for Meat products, Thickener & Sizing agent for Textile, Thickener & Binding Agent for Paper & Paint Industries,  Thickener,  Emulsifier & Viscosifier for Pharmaceutical $ Cosmetic Industries, Fast hydrating guar gum for oil and gas exploration industries   and Other Industrial grade guar gum Finished Products after the process of value addition of natural Guar derivative.

Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Ltd  is one of  the leading manufacturers and exporters of Refined Guar Splits, Guar Powder, Food Additive, Thickener & Viscosifier, Emulsifier, Textile & Industrial Thickener and Emulsifier for Paper, Paint & Pharmaceutical Industries besides Pet Meal, Poultry and Animal Feed.

Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd has al sophisticated and more cost effective techniques of producing various Agro Based Quality Products under strict quality control from time to time. The state of art Production Plant with the most advanced technologies & expertise  is being setup by Viscolloids  to produce the products of high standards, provide the back up services and products to the ultimate user

We intends to be one step ahead with the technologies advancement from others, Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd perception and goal is to acclaimed as the Global Leader in the field, setting high standards of its products & services

The Guar Gum, produced by Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd will be 100% natural and most suitable & recommended for Human Consumption and it is the best replacement of Gum like CMC etc and is used in more then 100 products of other industries environment friendly and most recommended natural Gum for human use by the highly developed countries

Our production capacity will be 14000 MT/annum of total and 6000 MT/annum of Finished Products. We will offer wide range of Gum Products. Being encouraged with the heavy demand of our products, we will very soon further enhancing our production capacity.

Our aim is to make Viscolloids Industries as a worldwide leader of Natural Gum Gum.

This will be total export oriented industry and will export its product to America, Europe, South Africa, Far east China, Middle East and othe countries around the world

Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd about Guar Gum

Guar Gum is a Agro Base High Quality industrial food additive thickener and Viscosifier used in all kind of following categories as

1.       Food Additive

  • Bakery Products
  • Ice cream
  • Juices
  • Dairy Products
  • Noodles & Pasta
  • Frozen Meat

2.       Thickener & Viscosifier

  • Oil & Gas Drilling Industries
  • Mining Industries

3        Thickener & Emulsifier

  • Dental hygiene products,
  •  Medicine
  • Cosmetic Products

4.       Textile Thickener

  • Textile Sizing
  • Finishing & Printing

5.       Paper Products Thickener

  • Paper adhesive
  • Paper Hardener
  • Printing Inks