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Country:  Pakistan

Pakistan Operation Boost

City: Karachi & Sinjhoro

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Background Information
The Operation Boost program will start a fair trade pilot arround a green product called Guar.

Guar Plant
Guar Plant


The Guar plant grows mainly in India (80% of world production), Pakistan, Sudan and parts of USA,. This crop has attracted tremendous international attention for the versatile gum that’s derived from it.  Guar Gum.

The gum has multifarious uses in the food industry where it is used as a thickening and binding agent.

Not just food, but pharmaceutical, paper, textile and personal care industries are also increasingly using guar gum. These industries are growing across the world. However, the biggest game changer is recent increase in the use of guar gum in oil drilling, a multi-billion dollar industry. It is used as a gelling agent in hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells to Increase viscosity of the drilling fluids so that they can easily carry proppants into the fractures.

High and rising crude prices as well as uncertainties in supplies because of geopolitical instabilities have encouraged massive investment in oil drilling including shale oil and gas exploration.

Pakistan contributes nearly 15% of world guar seed production. In Pakistan, Guar seed is mainly grown in Punjab and Sindh province with about 80% of total guar area under irrigated conditions. Guar crop does not need fertiliser or pesticide, making it relatively cheap to cultivate. “It all depends on rain.”

Punjab province contributes about 79% of total guar production in Pakistan followed by Sindh with the share of about 17% of total guar production. Bhakkar district of Punjab province contributes about 43.2% of total guar production in Pakistan followed by Layyad (15.8%), Khusab (4.8%), Mianwali (4.7%), and rest by other districts.

In Pakistan Operation Boost foud a very reliabel and ambitious partner for green business and fair trade. Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Ltd  is one of  the leading manufacturers and exporters of Refined Guar Splits, Guar Powder, Food Additive, Thickener & Viscosifier, Emulsifier, Textile & Industrial Thickener and Emulsifier for Paper, Paint & Pharmaceutical Industries besides Pet Meal, Poultry and Animal Feed.

The Guar Gum, produced by Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd will be 100% natural and most suitable & recommended for Human Consumption and it is the best replacement of Gum like CMC etc and is used in more then 100 products of other industries environment friendly and most recommended natural Gum for human use by the highly developed countries

The Operation Boost Program will focus on all kind of opportunities in fair trade in this ECO business called the Guar Industry.

Impact Operation Boost

There is a unbelievable wide range of Applications of Guar Gum Powder. Guar gum powder is applied in bakeries, dairy products, chocolate drinks and beverages. Apart from that guar products give out different results when combined with ammonium nitrate to be applied as oil explosives. In addition to that pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries prefer guar extract as a binder and disintegrate. As a result of these applications, the demand for guar products is found to be on the higher level worldwide.

Green business

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Gulzar Shah Mashwani
– Mr. Gulzar Shah
– Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Limited (more info follow link)
– Owner and Director Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Limited Pakistan
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Mr. John Tamerus
Mr. John Tamerus
– Fairtrade & Development Manager
– Operation Boost International
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Martin Stalknecht
– Mr. Martin Stalknecht
– Development & Project Manager Guar Gum
– Operation Boost International
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