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Background Information

Pakistan is a sovereign country in South Asia. With a population exceeding 180 million people, it is the sixth most populous country and with an area covering 796,095 km2 (307,374 sq mi), it is the 36th largest country in the world in terms of area.

Pakistan has a 1,046-kilometre (650 mi) coastline along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman in the south and is bordered by India to the east, Afghanistan to the west, Iran to the southwest and China in the far northeast.

Pakistan is a rapidly developing country and is one of the Next Eleven, the eleven countries that, along with the BRICs, have a high potential to become the world’s largest economies in the 21st century. However, after decades of war and social instability, as of 2013, serious deficiencies in basic services such as railway transportation and electric power generation had developed.

With 180.1 million residents reported in 2012, Pakistan is the sixth most populated country in the world, behind Brazil and ahead of Bangladesh. Still about 20% of the population live below the international poverty line of US $ 1.25 a day.

With about 35 million residents living below the international poverty line the Operation Boost program in Pakistan has a lot of potential. It is a close cooperation with several Social Franchise Partners in Karachi, Islambad, Lahore and Peshawar. The organizations target group continues to be the poor and people from all socio- economic backgrounds.

The Operation Boost Program will help the focus groups to find a decent way back to the society as an independent entrepreneur in the ECO business.

Impact Operation Boost

1. Status Job Creation

A. In Pakistan Operation Boost foud a very reliabel and ambitious partner for green business and fair trade. Viscolloids Industries (Pvt) Ltd  is one of  the leading manufacturers and exporters of Refined Guar Splits, Guar Powder, Food Additive, Thickener & Viscosifier, Emulsifier, Textile & Industrial Thickener and Emulsifier for Paper, Paint & Pharmaceutical Industries besides Pet Meal, Poultry and Animal Feed.

The Guar Gum, produced by Viscolloids  Industries (Pvt) Ltd will be 100% natural and most suitable & recommended for Human Consumption and it is the best replacement of Gum like CMC etc and is used in more then 100 products of other industries environment friendly and most recommended natural Gum for human use by the highly developed countries

The Operation Boost Program will focus on all kind of opportunities in fair trade in this ECO business called the Guar Industry.

B. The aim of another project is to start in 2015 three pilots with Round Bottle Holiday Houses where the focus group can learn a job.. We are orientating also on some eco ideas like making pavement bricks form recylced plastic or making fuel briquettes from waste. Do you want to know more about this ideas?
Link: Roadmap.Pavement.Bricks
Link: Roadmap.Fuel.Briquettes
ink: Construction Manual Press & Briquettes
link: Build a Round Bottle Bottle House

2. Status Plastic Recycling:
2013: Orientation Phase

3. Status Eco Transporting:
2012: Prototype Multi Purpose Bike is local developed.

4. Status Green Innovation:
2014: Realization Phase Building Round Holiday House (park). Choise between building with traditional bricks, bottles or earth bags. Pilot started in the Punjab Provence Pakistan.

33 Foot  Round House (Bottle House - Earthbag House or Normal Brick House)
33 Foot Round House (Bottle House – Earthbag House or Normal Brick House)

Example of building with bottles look to Youtube film:


5. Adventure & Awareness
Under construction