Operation Boost

OPERATION BOOST Operation Boost is an initiative of the Dutch ngo InterHelp and several other companies and ngo’s all over the world. Operation Boost has the aim to find new and creative ways to fight poverty, literacy, polution and un- & underemployement. Can we find solutions in a win-win-win concept? Yes we can!


All the participants of Operation Boost are oportunity thinkers. It is only a matter of getting yourself involved.  Operation Boost built the tools you need to make a real impact. Everybody can jump in today! We need your voice, your talents, power and network! Individuals, small groups, schools and families all around the world can be the new entrepreneurs to help them to escape from poverty literacy, unemployement and pollution. Jump in today in the worldwide Operation Boost business

  1. Job Creation
  2. Plastic Recycling
  3. Eco Transporting
  4. Green Innovation
  5. Adventure, survival & awareness

You are still reading so …. Welcome to Operation Boost Franchise

Operation Boost continues to be recognized as a premier social franchising organization around the world. Our operations worldwide are owned and operated by our Social Franchisees.

Owning or running a Operation Boost organization  is a tremendous opportunity. We are seeking individuals with significant business experience and a big social heart  who have successfully owned or managed business like operation boost.

If you want more information please contact:

John Tamerus

– John Tamerus EMTP,
– Chairman InterHelp foundation the Netherlands &
– Founder & Businessmanager Operation Boost International.
– E-mail: john@operation-boost.com