Fundraising ideas

Do Something is all  about ACTION, one awesome way to help a cause is by  raising a little bank. If you are going to be raising money it is better to find a  way that raises both funds and awareness about a cause. For example, it is  better to get $1 from 100 people than it is to get $100 from 1 person, because  it means that you have reached more people. So here are some ideas that can  help you ‘Fund-Aware Raise,’.

Food Fundraisers
Bake-off competition
Food eating contests
Bake Sale
Lemonade Stand
Candy Fundraiser
Make-your-own Ice Cream Sundae
Count the Candy in a Container

Music Fundraisers
Battle of the Bands
DDR Competition
Dance Marathon

Holiday/Special Occasion Fundraisers
Candy Canes
Costume Contests for Halloween
Flowers/Candy Hearts
Gift Card Raffles
Polar Bear Plunge

Event/Activity Fundraisers
Themed Party – Example: Masquerade Ball, Decades Night (80’s dress up), Award Show
Casino Night
Movie Night
Bowling Night

Sports Fundraisers
Fun Run
Sports Tournament – Example: Soccer, Kickball, Basketball, Tennis, other

School Fundraisers
Pajama Day
Hat Day
Guided Tours for $$
Grade vs. Grade Challenges
Penny Drive/War
Craft Fundraisers
Picture Scavenger Hunts
Jewelry Making & Selling
Art Fairs

Action Fundraisers
Car Wash
Dog Wash
Rummage Sale
Trash Clean-up

General Fundraisers
Letter-Writing Campaigns
Calendar for a Cause
Food/Gift Basket Fundraiser