Yes, You Can Help!

Do you believe that everyone deserves something as simple and crucial for life as  an independent job and income, a clean environment, a fair change to escape from poverty?

Recognize the problems and act!
Stop talking about poverty.
Stop talking about pollution.
Stop talking about poverty unemployment or underemployment.

Get Involved!

We’ve built the tools you need to make a real impact.

Jump in today! We need your voice, your talents, power and network! Individuals, small groups, schools and families all around the world can be the new entrepreneurs to help them to escape from poverty and pollution.

Jump in today in the worldwide Operation Boost business

  1. Job Creation
  2. Plastic Recycling
  3. Eco Transporting
  4. Green Innovation
  5. Adventure, survival & awareness

We need your help to do this work!
We rely on individuals and small groups to fund our efforts.

Support them with a Multi Purpose Bike,  a Job Training, a Workshop-Training Centre.
Support them with your Help……..

Donate Now

  • Bank 3088.20.347 Rabobank Gouda, the Netherlands
  • You also can donate online via the non-gouvernmental organisation Geef Gratis.