Best Practice Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling Egypt
Waste Recycling Egypt

An integrated solid waste management system includes a recycling component that recycles waste materials into valuable resources to eliminate landfill disposal and protect the environment.

We found a best practice of integrated solid waste management in Egypt, close to Hurghada City. The Integrated Services and Waste Recycling operates from a processing site for the temporary deposit of collected waste from collection vehicles. See website: nomorelandfill

With trained workers, and automat production lines they  remove from the waste stream recyclable items such as plastic, carton, aluminum and tinplate.

The recycling sorting unit  transfer station recycles collected waste after separation and classification into either plastic in all its types, glass, carton, paper, metals. This process is put into operation using the automated material recovery line, (also referred to as solid waste sorting line). On the other hand, all non-recyclable waste is transferred by vehicles and disposed properly in landfills in accordance with environmental and health regulations.

Complete recycling of plastic waste, (polyethylene) using production lines and specialized equipment and machinery which include a plastic crusher, plastic shredder, granulating line to manufacture plastic rolls, and cutting machine to cut plastic waste bags.

Tetra pack recycling using a plastic cutting machine, crushing machine and reshaping plastic machinery to reach the final recyclable product such as gift bags, cartons and boxes, bricks and rooftiles.