Operation Boost want to create jobs. Big and small business. Fight poverty and at the same time fight polution.  Social Franchise is our strategy and that means partnership.

Partnership management aims at maximizing balance in the establishment of the alliance and collaboration among stakeholders. It does not matter or it is about one man, one woman or a multi national. 

Operation Boost Partnership
It is not about how different we are but how strong our friendship and partnership is

Photo: Russian photographer Elena Shumilova

Operation Boost partnership is a relationship in which two parties having compatible goals, agree to work together, sharing the risks as well as the results or gains.

To put it simply, our partnership is built on friendship, trust and an agreement to do something together that will be beneficial to all parties involved. This partnership involves sharing decision making, risk, power, benefits and responsibilities.

Our basic values in partnership are based on the following:

  • Principle of equality and honesty operation boost

  • Sharing risk and revenue

  • Exchange of information

  • Collaboration

  • Complementarity

  • Sincerity

  • Inter personal relationship

  • Joint reflection

  • Transparency

  • Dialogue

  • Co-management (shared management)

  • Getting to know yourself and each other

  • Accountability.

Partnership does not have eternal life. You will see that some actors define a term of their partnership in their agreement. This case is more prevalent when it is related to a partnership for a project and / or a program. However, even a strategic partnership may end once its goals or missions are accomplished.

An evaluation of each partner’s contributions and enhancements and also of the impact of their actions is an important basis for our partnership termination. Highlighting the successes and failures of this relationship allows all partners to learn from this experience and make decisions regarding their further collaboration.

Partnership is for us an association between two or more organizations or entities that decide to cooperate in order to achieve a common goal. The relationship with our partners is always formalized by a contract, agreement or a cooperation agreement in which responsibilities, roles, financial contributions of each party are clearly defined.

Constant monitoring and evaluation of the partnership will allow us to determine the partnership continuation or termination.

Operation Boost FriendshipPhoto: Russian photographer Elena Shumilova