Job Creation

Job Training Centre, the Program……. It could be me!

The primary goal is to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty specially for young boys, young woman en and teenage mothers. So it is important to create a healthy change to replace the poverty and its associated lifestyle effects.

3D Picture Workshop - Training Centre Operation Boost (Phase 1)
3D Picture Workshop – Training Centre Operation Boost (Phase 1)

The aim of the programme is to improve the living conditions of the young, often less educated by giving them access to a independent job.  Operation Boost Training Centre will give them acces tot a low profile but professional training in one of the pillar professions, mainly in the field of plastic collecting, plastic recycling,  eco transporting or innovation products of recycled plastic.

Operation Boost Training Centre will be based in countries and cities with a high level of polution, poverty and literacy. In this cities and areas we normaly find a lot of young less educated boys, girls and teenage mothers. Because of many reasons they are not really able to take care of  themselves or their family.

3D Picture Workshop - Training Centre Operation Boost (Phase 2)
3D Picture Workshop – Training Centre Operation Boost (Phase 2)

The program will give this youngsters the possibility of practical training in the field of plastic recycling and related jobs. The training will be supported by professional trainers and volunteers.  Beside this job training Operation Boost will give the young children of our independent entrepreneurs the possiblility to escape from illiteracy by giving them access to  primary and secondary school inside the Operation Boost Centres

The concept of Operation Boost training centre is self supporting. We believe that it’s possible tot run the training centre in a way that it will bring in enough funds to run the daily business.

Our mission is to train enough young men and women to collect 2000 kilograms (2 metric tons) of plastic a day. It must be possible to collect 25 kilograms of mixed plastic a day per person.

So we will start with 80 plastic collectors. We train them how to work safely and tell them what they will earn per kilogram plastic. The revenues for the plastic collectors will  mainly depend on the sorts of plastic they collect. There is a wide variety in plastic prices.

Beside plastic recycling there are many other projects and business ideas to give people a job. On several places in the world we have pilots with Round Bottle Holiday Houses where the focus group can learn a job.. We are orientating also on some eco ideas like making pavement bricks form recylced plastic or making fuel briquettes from waste. Do you want to know more about this ideas?
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