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Guar is annual arid and semi-arid legume crop grown during Kharif season ( cropping season from July –October during the south-west monsoon) in India and Pakistan.

Guar gum, extracted and processed from guar seeds, is the source of a natural hydrocolloid, which is a cold water soluble forming thick solution at low concentrations.

The Guar Seed consists of three parts: Guar bean

– The seed coat (14-17%),
– The endosperm (35-42%),
– The germ (43-47%).

It is from the endosperm that guar gum is derived, which is the primary marketable product of the plant. This spherical-shaped endosperm contains significant amounts of galactomannan gum (19 to 43% of the whole seed), which forms a viscous gel in cold water.

The by-products of guar processing, „Churi‟ and „Korma‟ are used as cattle feed.

Guar gum recovery normally comes around 31% of total guar seed processed, whereas Churi and Korma account for 29% and 37% respectively.

Guar is annual arid and semi-arid legume crop mainly grown in India (about 80% of
global guar production), Pakistan (15%), Sudan, Australia, and USA countries.

The traditional uses of Guar are as following: Guar plant

  • Human Consumption
  • Cattle Feed
  • Medicinal Purposes:
  • Crop and Soil Improvement

The Industrial uses of Guar are as following

1. IndustrialTechnical

  • Oil well drilling (Driling Fluids hydraulic fracturing)
  • Textile Printing (Cotton, Rayon silk, wool sizing, carpet printing)
  • Paper (Wrapping paper, kraft, photographic paper, filter)
  • Mining ( Concentration of ore, filteration)
  • Explosive (Stick explosive, blasting slurries)
  • Water Treatment ( Industrial water, drinking water)
  • Tobacco (Reconstitution of fragmental tobacco)
  • Coal Mining ( Coal suspension, shock impregnation)
  • Fire fighting ( Water for fighting fires)
  • Ceramic (Enamels, electroceramics)
  • Photography ( Emulsions, gelatine solutions)
  • Synthetic Resins (Polymerization, suspension, collagen dispersion)

2. Industrial Food

  • Frozen foods ( Ice creams, Soft serves, frozen cakes)
  • Bakery (Bread, Cakes, Pastry, Icing)
  • Processed Cheese ( Cottage cheese, cream cheese)
  • Dairy Products ( Yoghurts, desserts, molasses)
  • Dressing and Sauses ( Salad cream, pickles, barbecue relish)
  • Instant mixes ( Pudding sauses, desserts, beverages)
  • Canned Foods ( Pet foods, corned meat, baby foods )
  • Beverages ( Cocoa drink, fruit nector, sugarless beverage )
  • Animal Feed ( Veterinary preparations, calf milk replacer)

3. Industrial Pharmaceuticals

  • Pharmaceuticals  (Laxative, slimming aids, Gastric hyper acidity, Diabetic treatment, Cholesterol, Vitamin formation preparation)

4. Industrial Cosmetic

  • Cosmetics ( Ointment, Lotions, Tablets, Hair Shampoos, Hair Conditioners)

Guar Gum is one of the most cost effective and functional ingredients available for formulating food products. Soluble in cold water, Guar imparts a high viscosity and exhibits superior water-binding capacity at low usage levels.

Guar plantThese characteristics make it suitable for use in applications as diverse as cottage cheese, sauces, soups, and frozen desserts. The nonionic nature of Guar makes it tolerant to extreme salt and electrolyte
levels, important criteria when selecting a thickener for nutraceutical beverages.


Guar is an all-natural ingredient, unlike other common thickeners such as modified food starch and cellulose gum (CMC), and has been shown to provide important health benefits. Numerous studies have shown that the consumption of Guar Gum lowers serum LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increases glucose tolerance. In one of the study it
was revealed that, rats fed Guar Gum as a part of their diets showed a 25% decrease in plasma cholesterol. Guar is also high in soluble dietary fiber.

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