Fuel briquettes from waste

Waste.Briquette.Process.29How to make fuel briquettes

About half of the world’s people use wood or charcoal for cookingand heating. Cutting of trees for fuel and for subsistence farmingis resulting in loss of 2-3% of the world’s forests each year.

Making Waste Fuel Briquettes
Photo: www.legacyfound.org

In some countries, buying fuel for cooking may take as much as half of a family’s income, and many families can afford to cook only once or twice a day. However, individual households can reduce their need for wood and charcoal by making their ownfuel, called fuel briquettes, from waste plantmaterials in their own environment.

Fuel briquettes can be made from plant materials that normally go to waste, including sawdust, paper, charcoalfines, leaves, husks and other agricultural wastes.

In villages around the world, fuel briquettes are being madewith a wood or metal press. But what if you don’t have a press?

From different open sources we have found several solutions.

  1. You can also make briquettes by hand with a plastic bottle mold.
  2. You can start a business by making a simple but professional briquette press from wood.
  3. You can start a business with a simple briquette press form steel.

This Roadmap will help you out to start immediatly making Waste Fuel Briquettes:

Press the link and you can start your own business:  Roadmap.Fuel.Briquettes
ress the link
to find a good manual for making Press & Briquettes: Construction Manual 

Making Waste Fuel Briquettes as business

We have shown how an alternative fuel for cooking can bemade by hand from waste paper and sawdust using a simpleplastic mold for shaping the briquettes or by making fuelballs by hand. Please help spread this basic fuel briquette technologywherever finding wood for cooking is a problem. Helppeople cook, and reduce the cutting of trees for fuel!

How to make a small business by making a wooden briquette press. Look to this Youtube film.

How to make a small business by using a metal briquette press. Look to this Youtube film.

Another example of making small business by using metal briquette press: